Arc Industries

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Arc Industries
99 Richmond Blvd
Ottawa, ON

(613) 354-2184

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3/5 my fav is Bay Lu Wa. I watched his...
Mar 28, 2014 by
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my fav is Bay Lu Wa. I watched his moveis on a couple of myanmar sites last year.I don't like Dway. He is such a weak guy. died easily. I wont sorry for him.Should we sympathise or get panic once we hear someone die? Death is just a normal and inevitable process. I will die. my parents will die. you all also will die. In front of me, at least 1 or 2 patients die on a daily basis. When I examine them, they are still warm. I mean a fresh death.Sorry nothing related with this post. :)

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AddressArc Industries
99 Richmond Blvd
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 354-2184
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