Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

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Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
2631 Alta Vista Dr
Ottawa, ON

(613) 521-5909

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0/5 Horrible service. Went there 3 separate...
Dec 14, 2011 by
0 Replies
Horrible service. Went there 3 separate times to have my new guitar get its first free tune and each time their "tech" was away or going away so wait would be 4 weeks. Great...no back up?? Then, finally get it there. They say 2 weeks. I ask for a new set of strings since its been almost a year since purchase. I call 2.5 wks later and say "Just wanted to check where things are at with my electric guitar I brought in for a tune up and strings". He checks the computer and says "yes, it seems he's getting to it". So I ask, can you provide an estimate when it will be done? Response, : "soon", all in a nice tone...not meanly in anyway. I pause, a little taken aback with such a vague response. So I say, "can you tell me what you mean by soon?" He says "when he calls you". So I say, starting to get a little frustrated by the non-chalant attitude "Can you give me a straight answer? I was told 2 weeks and now its 2.5 weeks. Can you tell when I could expect it?" He responds...let's say "closer to three weeks". Like blood from a stone. Absolutely horrible....never, ever ever going back there again after that experience. Going to get my guitar and good bye...first and last experience with Long and CrapQuade. And to think that I was going to buy a Line 6 amp from there for my son. Absolutely NOT!! I am simply astonished that retail stores can get away with such attitude these days. Any future service is going to Domenic's Music here in West Ottawa. I brought my father's hand me down acoustic guitar there to have it restored, restrung etc for my son...they did a fantastic job of explaining everything...took the time to do so and all the while extremely friendly, extremely helpful...truly believe in "customer service", obviously unlike L&M.

4/5 Very friendly and helpful staff,...
Mar 28, 2011 by sam714
0 Replies
Very friendly and helpful staff, as well as a great collection of instruments, whereas most stores in Ottawa only sell guitars.

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AddressLong & McQuade Musical Instruments
2631 Alta Vista Dr
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 521-5909
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