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0/5 Hi. I had Dwights Roofing LTD...
Apr 30, 2012 by
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Hi. I had Dwights Roofing LTD of Edmonton Alberta come and do an estimate on my home and garage. The estimate was $6,600 CAD. I contracted Dwights Roofing LTD of Edmonton Alberta on June 22nd 2011 to install a new roof on my home and garage. My roof is a 2/12 low slope roof. On the form we had to sign and mail to them to OK the work, I asked for extra ice shield membrane to be installed in a problem area. We were assured by the office manage Jared that this extra membrane would be installed, and that we would not have to worry about it leaking. Week after week, we were told by Jared that the roofing crew would be at our home on Tuesday to install the roof. 7 weeks later we were still waiting for the roofing crew to arrive. Tired of waiting, on August 11th 2011 I called Jared the office manager at Dwights Roofing LTD to advise them I would be away all weekend and to have the crew come after the weekend and do my roof. I advised that if they could not do the roof, I would contract another roofing company to have the work done. I specifically instructed Dwights Roofing LTD not to come to my residence when I was away and when I could not oversee the installation of my new roof. When Dwights Roofing LTD knew I would be away, and even though I specifically told them not to do my roof when I was away, they sent over Sandhu Contracting LTD to do my roof. We hired Dwights roofing LTD because they had been in the roofing industry here since about 1988, and a member of the BBB since about 1994, so we felt confident in our research of them. On the other hand, Sandhu Contracting LTD has only been in business a few years, with no BBB credentials, and no proven track record of quality work. A quick google search will reveal what we found about Sandhu Contracting LTD Edmonton. I was very concerned about the quality of the workmanship from the Sandhu crew, and after a inspection of the roof, on August 15th 2011, I called Dwights Roofing LTD to come over to my house and discuss some issues I had discovered. My first concern was that the extra ice shield I had asked for and was told I would get, did not get installed. I was assured it was installed and that there would be no problems. My second concern was that I had purchased two whirly bird roof vents. One for the top level and one for the bottom level on a two level split. Instead of putting one on each level, they installed both one one level and did not install any on the second level. Again, I was told that this was normal, and nothing to be concerned about. I reiterated that I was concerned about the snow sitting in the valley and was concerned that there was not the extra ice/water shield installed, nor the proper ventilation in the attic to prevent ice damming. (because they didn't install my vent on that level) I was told by Dwight, the owner of Dwights that there was nothing to worry about and that I should never go on the roof to remove snow as it damages the roof. Things seemed OK for a while. Fast forwards a few months to March 04th 2012. My roof is leaking. It is leaking in the spot that Dwights said they installed the ice shield. I called and left several voice mails. Finally at 8:30 PM on March 5th 2012, Dwight from Dwights Roofing LTD called me. After I described the problem, Dwight told me it was my problem, there was nothing he could do about it and now I should go on my roof and shovel it off. When I explained to him I am disabled and can not get up onto roofs and shovel, and asked about the two year warranty he sent me after the job was done, he promptly hung up on me. I since can not get a hold of Dwights Roofing LTD they will not return my calls. I got a hold of the ARCA Alberta Roofing Contractors Association. The Roofing association told us Dwights Roofing was not a member, therefore they could not help us with an insurance claim. But suggested one of their accredited roofing inspectors come and do a full inspection. We have an appointment scheduled. We also have an Insurance adjuster coming to asses the damage. It would appear this is going to cost us even more money now. Both for the inspection and for the insurance deductible. I am exploring all legal remedies at this time. I hope this review can prevent someone else from having the problems we have had after dealing with Dwights Roofing LTD of Edmonton. Thanks for reading this.

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AddressDwight's Roofing Ltd
5845 99 St NW
Edmonton, AB
Phone(780) 461-8995
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