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Factory Direct Furniture
3909 99 St NW
Edmonton, AB

(780) 439-4333

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0/5 Bought sofa from factory direct...
Sep 16, 2014 by
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Bought sofa from factory direct Edmonton. before sale service was really good. in fact sales persons call at my cell to give me update about my inquiry. Sales person promised 100s of thing and full service for 30 days. Sofa was not delivered on the date promised but that was not the big deal as got it next day. When opened the packing I found that both pieces were torn. Called FD. FD asked to show pictures. Clicked pictures on ipad and went to FD office. Funny they asked to email instead. Anyway emailed the pictures and all I got silent. Called them back after about 5-7 days. Reply was really weird. They said what difference it makes. it is torn from bottom, no body will notice it. FD asked me to tape it. Even after all the logical agreement FD reused to replace it. Finally FD agreed to send somebody to glue or tape it. Today is already 3 months but nobody show up. Called FD 2-3 times and finally decided to just let it go. Lesson Learned.

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AddressFactory Direct Furniture
3909 99 St NW
Edmonton, AB
Phone(780) 439-4333
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