Fang Shen Do Kung-Fu

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Fang Shen Do Kung-Fu
335 Catherine St
Ottawa, ON

(613) 569-0545

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5/5 Dear Mao Mao Mom,Thanks for showing...
Mar 28, 2014 by
0 Replies
Dear Mao Mao Mom,Thanks for showing me how to make all the wodenrful dishes; your site is the best that I read to teach others how to cook in detail.Moreover, thanks showing me the great living mentor of a Christian. I am very moved by you. I want to have your book even though I already copied some of them. I will contact other sisters in Christ of our church to find if we have more people to donate. With God’s bless, I hope we can have a group order.Lord wants us serve our family—I think let them enjoy the meals is the important thing. Thanks again.

5/5 This school is a rip off. Its an...
Feb 06, 2013 by martiallaw
11 Replies
This school is a rip off. Its an overpriced McDojo.The founder is a fraud ,its known.Their curriculum changes constantly.First it was Kung-Fu,now they its a MMA school.There is no footage of this self appointed Sijo training anywhere.I used to train with them.When I met this Jacques Patenaude, I quit shortly after.H e is a very ignorant man.Stay away...

2/5 Fang Shen Do is not the best martial...
Aug 07, 2011 by 0champion
0 Replies
Fang Shen Do is not the best martial arts school in Ottawa. They are not really in tune with the competitive aspect of fighting so I think if your serious about martial arts/combat go somewhere else. Their teachers are qualified for sure, but once can find better out there in Ottawa. Don't get me wrong it's a fun place to train and the instructors are cool people!

1/5 He is a self-appointed grandmaster....
Apr 22, 2011 by lisapaw
0 Replies
He is a self-appointed grandmaster. A good work-out but a ton of money for what you get. You're not even allowed to make eye contact or speak first with the "grandmaster"!?!

0/5 Please do research on the internet...
Jan 24, 2011 by
0 Replies
Please do research on the internet before going here. There are tons of reviews from former students. He is a fraud. Google "Fang She Do" and "Bullshido" and there are THOUSANDS of comments about these schools.

0/5 This is a fake martial art made...
Jan 24, 2011 by
0 Replies
This is a fake martial art made up by Jacque Patenaude with no martial arts experience. He even appointed himself a "grandmaster". He has many schemes to make you part with your money. BEWARE.

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AddressFang Shen Do Kung-Fu
335 Catherine St
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 569-0545
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