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Fusion House
1947 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON
K1V 0C2

(613) 521-3868

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1/5 I would like to remove the name...
Mar 29, 2014 by
0 Replies
I would like to remove the name and email retnuremeiqs to submit -Preferably, after the last question is answered, the person is taken to the relevant page I have two pages, positive and negative.Failing that, remove the name and email retnuremeiqs and just have a submit button on the last page.There's 32 files of code wow massive!Please can you tell me which php file and what the relevant code is? The reason I want to remove the name and email requirement is that the two results pages have a contact form and that form verifies that the email address is real, it also very importantly for me, requests a phone number and there is a captcha for added security. i don't want people to have to enter their details twice, plus it must be an option not a requirement.The form is working perfectly, many thanksRob

4/5 I have eaten here several times...
Mar 27, 2014 by
0 Replies
I have eaten here several times now, and I thoroughly enjoy it. The food tastes great. The menu has a great variety, even for vegetarians. I find that many Asian food places do not specify vegetarian options on their menu. Unfortunately the service is sometime lacking. Dishes might never show up, or just be really slow. Once the server just never came by to see if we wanted more food or drink. I prefer to go with a large group of people rather then 1-3 people.

1/5 I had 1 bowl of soup and 12 pieces...
Dec 17, 2013 by patimor76
0 Replies
I had 1 bowl of soup and 12 pieces on sushi delivered to my table over 50 minutes....The waitresses were nice, but young and did not delivered the order. It was not sorted the 17 dollars ( or I could say I had a very expensive tea there..) . I will never return.

5/5 great food. Excellent dim sum....
Aug 30, 2013 by hate2cook
0 Replies
great food. Excellent dim sum. I wold recommend this place to anybody!

3/5 Fusion House is a crown pleasing...
Mar 26, 2013 by PinkiePuff
12 Replies
Fusion House is a crown pleasing choice for a friend group with mixed tastes Great selection of non-seafood items. Food was good Dessert and soda drinks were included with your cost. Pretty interior Once they served us with plastic forks, & there were not enough soy sauce dishes Some items ordered never come but I have not been to a Sushi place that this does not happen in Mixed opinion about the servers, most have been friendly, another was lazy & kept dropping all of the food in front of two people, in their eating space, at our table of 12, instead of walking down to the other end or using the free space

0/5 Came here for dinner. Rolls...
Jul 12, 2012 by
0 Replies
Came here for dinner. Rolls was ok...too much tempura bits in every roll. Every roll tasted more or less the same...tempura bits. Chicken teriyaki was undercooked. Tempura yam and shrimps seems re fried or they need to change their oil. I left 2 pieces of tempura yam/shrimp and chicken teriyaki. They wanted to charge me a extra $6! I told them that was ridiculous and refused to pay the extra. Overall disappointing experience. Sticking with a la carte, buffet is overrated.

5/5 My husband and I have been to Fusion...
May 31, 2012 by
0 Replies
My husband and I have been to Fusion House on Bank St Ottawa about 4 times and every time has been a positive experience. The food is brought out promptly and is fresh and hot every time. The dim sum is amazing. (We usually order 2 orders of the coriander ones!) My only small complaint is the staff. They are on the ball and attentive, however lack customer service...ie smile, your welcome and warmth. This is disappoitning however not enough to discourgae us to stay away.

2/5 Nice deco, ok food, fair price (a...
Feb 05, 2012 by
0 Replies
Nice deco, ok food, fair price (a few bucks more than Sushi Kan, but desserts/drinks are all included). But service is HORRIBLE. Never answer the phone, couldn't reach them to reserve table. Strongly recommand everyone keep a copy of what he/she ordered. Many (expensive) orders were skipped, and many (cheap) orders came double. And sometimes, it took so long for the food to arrive, so many people placed the order again and again. So, ends up either you have multiple times of what you want or it'll never come at all. If you don't mind bad service and keep a track of what you've ordered, it's an ok place to visit.

1/5 Left 3 potstickers and 4 pieces...
Dec 04, 2011 by
0 Replies
Left 3 potstickers and 4 pieces of tempura vegetables and told I had to pay a $2.00 fine for not finishing the food. Told it was stated in the menu. It is there in tiny print that you are not to waste food and will be charged accordingly. What we left was hardly wasting and I was insulted by the suggestion I was being fined a $2 levy. Refused to pay the extra $2. This was after leaving a $5 tip on the bill!!! Not a good experience and we will not go back. Food isn't as good as the first time we went anyway.

5/5 I found fusion house changes from...
Nov 20, 2011 by
0 Replies
I found fusion house changes from the previous concept with their menu and the decor is fantastic. There is finally a decent place to go to in the South end. Their Dim Sum is excellent. Everyone should give it a try.

5/5 Fusion House has good food, very...
Nov 08, 2011 by reviewer1
0 Replies
Fusion House has good food, very nice staff, and the price was nice as well. The newest "all you can eat" sushi place in town. I like the fact that the portions are small so there is no waste. Less guilt for me when I don't like the dish I order.

3/5 Ooops! It is .... The review has...
Sep 29, 2011 by
0 Replies
Ooops! It is .... The review has been modified due to its content. Admin

5/5 Our family enjoy all you can sushi...
Sep 28, 2011 by
0 Replies
Our family enjoy all you can sushi restaurants, and we eat at Sushi Kan and 168 Sushi regularly. Fusion House distinguishes itself from the others by having excellent dim sum. The Har Gau and shrimp siu mai is the best in town. Their grill foods are also excellent. The service is great, food presentation is wonderful, and I especially enjoy the newly renovated venue. Since it opened a few weeks ago, we've been back 5 or 6 times both for dinner and lunch. In our opinion, it is the best All-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Ottawa. Well worth the $1 or $2 extra.

5/5 Nice idea and concept they have....
Sep 16, 2011 by
0 Replies
Nice idea and concept they have. A little expensive like the previous reviewer wrote, but the food was decent. Location is what I mostly care about.

1/5 Fusion House just opened recently....
Sep 14, 2011 by
0 Replies
Fusion House just opened recently. We were excited about having a sushi restaurant near me, so I stopped by to pick up a menu, but they didn't have one! No menu, no website, nothing. They told me that lunch is $14.95 per person. Considering it's a new restaurant and far from downtown, I was shocked at how expensive it is! I think we'll be sticking with our old trusted "1000 island sushi", where lunch is cheaper AND the location is much better for me.

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AddressFusion House
1947 Bank Street
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Phone(613) 521-3868
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