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0/5 Mr Foundation
Apr 29, 2013
Blind person cheated. In May 2011, we signed a contract with Mr. Foundation. They started work approx. 2 weeks later. Estimator Todd Saunders, after receiving $25,500, asked us for another $25,500 after working only 24 hours and I said why? He threatened to put a lien on our property if we did not give it to him. After this episode, Mr. Foundation stopped work for approx. two months and then, in September 2011, Patrick Lecours came with a revised contract. He told us the job would be finished in six weeks. He also disagreed with the advise of 3 engineers. After numerous extras, one of which he cemented our water main pipe which should not have been done, he said not to worry the insurance will pay for it. He did the underpinning but left holes in the foundation. He left the job in November 2011 and told us he will finish after Christmas. After numerous attempts to communicate with Patrick Lecours, he did not reply. Our mortgage holder was told by his office manager, Kim, that the men were watched too much by a “blind person”. The only thing the “blind person” did, was to serve coffee and soft drinks for the workers and also pointed out that they should not have cemented the water main pipe. We are presently in the process of taking legal action in order to get our money back. There is also other cheques that were cashed by Mr. Foundation 23000$ + 18000$ + 8000$. Please communicate with us if you have been cheated by this company.

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