• What is Review Source (RS)?

    Review Source is a Canadian based website with thousands of listings and their reviews.

    Review Source can be used as a guide to help YOU find any businesses in Canada, whether it is to eat, shop, drink, relax or anything else.

    Our main goal is for all of Canada to write reviews about any place they've been to, whether the experience was good or bad. By doing this, you will help the rest of Canada know where to go, or where not to go.

  • Why should I sign up to Review Source?

    Although you can write reviews as a "guest", you will miss out on being entered into our many draws for prizes, as well as earning Reward Points (RPs). Plus, it is more reliable to read a review from a member who has made other reviews, than from a "guest".

  • What do the different medals mean?

    Review Source has 4 medals that our reviewers can achieve depending on the amount of reviews they have made:

    Bronze reviewer
    This is the first medal a reviewer receives when 5 reviews have been made +500RPs

    Silver reviewer
    This is the second medal a reviewer receives when 25 reviews have been made +1000RPs

    Gold reviewer
    This is the third medal a reviewer receives when 75 reviews have been made +2500RPs

    Platinum reviewer
    This is the fourth and highest medal a reviewer receives when 5 reviews have been made +5000RPs.

  • How do I change my basic account information?

    To edit your profile or to change your account preferences, log in and click on the "Profile" link that appears at the top of any page. You will be able to edit your account preferences here.

  • How Can I reset my password?

    If you forgot your password, you can reset your password on this page.

  • Why should I write reviews?

    Chances are, you've probably gone to a place before, whether it was a mechanic, restaurant, or a furniture store, where you had a great or an awful experience. However, telling mom, dad, or your dog, simply didn't cut it for you. This is where Review Source comes in!

    Writing a review can be extremely helpful for other people. For example, if you want to go to a new restaurant, but no one you know has been there before, you have no other option but to go there yourself and try it out. However, not all of us are that adventurous, so we might not end up going there at all! This is why writing reviews is so helpful, so that you can read the reviews that other reviewers have made, and make up your mind from there.

  • What should I write in my reviews? Is there a certain guideline to follow?

    We want you to tell us everything! Whether it was a horrible or great experience, we and the rest of Canada want to know!

    When writing reviews, we must not leave our manners behind simply because we had a bad experience.

    Review Source is not the place express the anger about your recent break-up by letting it out on your ex-girlfriend's family restaurant. We want to know the truth and not be misled. It is very easy to tell when false reviews have been made, and our team does an excellent job catching any type of false/inappropriate reviews.

    As much as we believe in freedom of speech, do not use any profound language or be discriminatory under any circumstance. Let's keep it clean and friendly so that we do not offend anyone, even if your experience was awful.

    Below you will find a list of general guidelines we've put together for writing an appropriate review:


    Post any inappropriate content such as: threats, harassment, lies, rumours, and hate speech.

    Publicize other people's private information.

    Upload pictures of other people without their permission.

    Write biased reviews. Your reviews should be unbiased and objective.


    Write your own reviews and take your own photos, and videos. A picture or video taken from your phone or professional camera can really add a lot of life to your review and those who are reading it will appreciate it. Try to take pictures and videos of what the business looks like, what it offers, etc. Remember that adding pictures and/or videos to your reviews gives you extra RPs!

    Make sure your review is accurate. Feel free to express your opinions, but don't exaggerate or create your experience.

    Write fun and interesting reviews. Try to write well, add lots of detail, and if possible, give a tip/suggestion to other reviewers.

    Write about your own personal experience, not what you heard from a stranger while you were waiting for the bus.

  • Is it alright if I write negative reviews?

    Yes. We believe that it is important to write about bad experiences because it helps other reviewers make up their mind when going to a new establishment. However, there is no need to be too harsh. Although we like to hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly, Review Source is not the place to put anyone down. Therefore, be sure to include all the relevant facts and details when writing a review, instead of using your amazing imagination.

    When writing a negative review, always keep in mind the above guidelines, otherwise your review will be removed.

  • Do reviews ever get removed?

    Yes, but only if we find them to be inappropriate in any way, shape, or form. By this, we mean any reviews containing: threats, harassment, lies, rumours, and hate speech.

  • Why can't I find a business using the search bar?

    Whatever you do, keep in mind that you must search under the right city. For example, Kanata and Ottawa are considered two different cities, so when looking for a certain business, make sure you look under the right city. (For example: Where?> Ottawa.)

    Only search through cities, not provinces.

    You can use our search bar to look for a business if you know the name (or any key words), or click on "Directory" and go from there.

  • How do I add a listing?

    If Review Source is missing a business, we'd love for you to add it to our database.
    In order to add a business, you must first be logged in.
    Your next step is to look at the top of any page and click on "Add/Manage Listings".
    Finally, click on "Add Listing" and from there, simply fill in what is required.
    Remember that when looking for a business, you have to make sure you are looking under the right city. For example, Kanata and Ottawa are not considered the same city, so when looking for a certain business, make sure you look under the right city before adding a new business.

  • Why are there business chains listed? What's the point of reviewing places that are all the same?

    Our goal is to list every business in Canada. There can be very large differences between different locations of a chain when it comes to service, cleanliness, atmosphere, freshness, and other factors. We're not looking for opinions on Wal-Mart as a whole, but rather on an individual location.

  • Can businesses advertise on Review Source?

    Yes, for more information check out our advertisement page.